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Build your 24/7 online store with up to 70% funding

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What We Offer - DESIGN

Web Design & Development

We help you improve reach, create an impressive brand presence and convert visitors.

eCommerce Development

Grow your business with a 24/7 online sales person, creating a memorable shopping experience

Software Development

We offer software & solutions tailor-made for startups to enterprises enabling improved productivities

Mobile App Development

Connect with your audience with a more interactive approach through mobile platforms

What We Offer - AUTOMATE

Industrial Automations

We provide advanced solutions to help improve productivity and quality while reducing errors and waste

IoT - Internet of Things

Get devices & appliances connected to the internet for greater control, flexibility and functionality

Smart Applications

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to implement Smart solutions that removes human intervention

System Integration & Maintenance

We take care of putting everything together to achieve the desired result, and also maintaining them

What We Offer - INTEGRATE

Government Funded Programmes

Get subsidies and funding with our pre-scoped and approved solutions supported by government initiatives

Project Management & Turnkey

We take on multiple roles to ensure a smooth & successful implementation of our solutions

M&E Consultation & Services

With our in-house team of specialist, we take care of every needs a solution will require